• Anhui zhognnengjian Hospital

    Anhui zhognnengjian Hospital

    Anhui zhongnengjian Hospital is a chain organization of community health service. The hospital has set up four community health service centres and one community health service station in Hefei and south of Huaibei. It has also set up medical service outlets in many large thermal power projects in China and overseas.

  • Huaibei Mental Health Center

    Huaibei Mental Health Center

    Established in 1991, the hospital is formerly known as “Huaibei Psychiatric Hospital”. It became the only secondary mental disease hospital of Huaibei.

  • Huaibei Kuanggong General Hospital

    Huaibei Kuanggong General Hospital

    The hospital is a Grade III Hospital. It is the largest, most technically powerful hospital in Huaibei. It is a non-directly affiliated hospital of the Bengbu Medical College, and an affiliated hospital of the Anhui Medical University Medical College,. It is the North Anhui Clinical Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University, and the Anhui branch of the National Mine Medical Rescue Center. It has internet hospital qualifications. The hospital has domestic advanced PET-CT, 3.0 T MRI machine, 32