Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are committed to providing high quality and safe medical services to the community and managing the environment, economy and society in a sustainable way. Our company will protect the environment, save energy, care for employees and serve public health and so on; the concept has been put into operation and development of the company, creating value for employees, customers and shareholders while pursuing economic and social benefits. Achieving these commitments is a major objective of management and is a shared responsibility of all employees of the company.

Quality and Safety

Always put the quality and safety as the premise of development, always patient-centered, focus on patient safety, Implement whole process management, whole process control and whole chain tracing mechanism to encourage participation and continuous improvement of quality and safety activities, Build a quality and safety management system for everyone involved, and effectively promote the continuous improvement and promotion of hospital quality and safety.

Environmental responsibility

The pursuit of enterprise and the surrounding environment harmony, promote energy-saving low-carbon production methods. Actively respond to the call of the state, and actively carry out energy-saving emission reduction project transformation, improve the recovery rate of reusable resources. Medical waste deals with the transport and disposal of enterprises in accordance with the approval of the state and local governments strictly, The relevant emission shall not be lower than the national standard, and earnestly fulfill the responsibility of enterprise environmental protection.

Market responsibility

Pay high attention to the expectations and requirements of stakeholders, give full consideration to their own operations and management of the impact of stakeholders, and constantly improve the channels of communication way of stakeholders, pay attention to key issue of stakeholders, Establish harmonious and symbiotic relationship with governments, customers, shareholders, partners, employees and other stakeholders to create value, share results and meet challenges together.