Xuzhou Mine hospital

Xuzhou Mine hospital


GRADE:Grade II Hospital

KEY SUBJECT:Nuclear Medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine

HOSPITAL WEBSITE:www.xzksyy.com

  • 1962


  • 500+


  • 1211


Xuzhou Mine Hospital is one of the top ten hospitals in Xuzhou. It is a teaching hospital of Xuzhou Medical College and a baby-friendly hospital. The hospital is good at neurosurgery, nuclear medicine, cardiology, traditional Chinese medicine, general surgery, Thoracic Surgery, urology, obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation Training and trauma first aid. Some treatments have gained high reputation in Xuzhou and its surrounding areas, such as the treatment of iodine-131 of nuclear medicine for hyperthyroidism, the comprehensive treatment of internal medicine and surgery, Chinese medicine, and the rehabilitation treatment of cerebral palsy of children in the rehabilitation training center, and etc..