Brilliance Hospital

Brilliance Hospital


GRADE:Grade I Hospital




  • BEDS


Brilliance Hospital has the qualification of Occupational Health Examination approved by the Health Department of Liaoning Province and the Health Bureau of Shenyang Province. It is a professional health examination institution providing services for large and medium-sized enterprises. The hospital has many departments, such as Internal Medicine, surgery, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, ECG room, color Doppler ultrasound room, x-ray room, pulmonary function room, pure tone audiometry room, laboratory and physical examination registration department, etc..  It has a large number of advanced medical equipment. It can meet examinees needs ,  such as the entry, health, occupational health, special operations, employment (health card) and etc.. In addition, Brilliance Hospital has a large-scale professional medical examination vehicle to facilitate all kinds of external medical examination services.

Relying on strong professional and technical personnel and advanced medical equipment, the hospital earnestly and enthusiastically provides each medical examiner with high-quality, convenient and comfortable one-stop medical examination service and post-examination health assessment and guidance. The hospital may carry on the pre-examination, the post-examination consultation and the health knowledge propaganda education according to customer needs.