General Hospital of Fushun Minning Bureau

General Hospital of Fushun Minning Bureau


GRADE:Grade III Hospital

KEY SUBJECT:Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Emergency Center


  • 1907


  • 1300+


  • 1094


Established in 1907, the hospital is directly administered 7 grass-roots hospitals. With 21 national resident standardization training bases, the hospital is the medical and Rescue sub-center and training base of Liaoning province of the state administration of work safety, and the founding member unit of the China Mine Orthopaedics Union. It is also the academician expert workstation of the RE medical continuing education base, and the postgraduate training base of the China Medical University and Jinzhou Medical University of Liaoning Province. It is the examination center of General Practitioners' transfer of posts in Liaoning Province, the supporting unit of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Key Research and Development Project on the prevention and control of major chronic diseases.

The hospital has 8 provincial key specialty construction projects, 3 provincial (municipal) clinical key specialty construction projects, 7 municipal key specialty departments, and 16 municipal quality control centers. The hospital has one famous doctor of Liaoning, and 12 famous doctors of Fushun. There are 80 leading young people in the hospital. A total of 135 people are employed as part-time professional masters' practice instructors of China Medical University and 7 people are employed as tutors for graduate students with professional degrees of China Medical University. The hospital has 103 part-time China Medical University teachers and 70 tutors for post-graduate students from Jinzhou Medical University. In the past 5 years, the average number of out-patient and emergency cases in the hospital reached one million, the average number of in-patients exceeded 70,000, and the average number of operations was nearly 20,000. In the past two years, the hospital has received 11 scientific research projects from the provincial science and technology department, and obtained 11 national patents. The hospital won one medical science award and 38 natural academic achievement awards in Fushun.