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Fuxin medical rehabilitation Demonstration Centre opended

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October 25, 2023, Fuxin medical rehabilitation Demonstration Centre opended. The Centre is operated by Ping An Hospital of Mining Industry Group Fuxin. Shi song, Secretary of the Department of Civil Affairs of Liaoning Province, Yu Hai, vice chairman and general manager of CR Healthcare, Hu Tao, Secretary of the CPC Fuxin municipal committee, and Fu Zhihong, director of the Municipal People's Congress unveiled the Center.

The centre is the first medical rehabilitation demonstration centre operated by a public hospital in Fuxin. It mainly provides professional medical and rehabilitation services for the disabled and semi-disabled elderly.

The centre has 110 beds. It integrates medical integration, professional care, nutritional diet, health management, and entertainment life in one. It opens a medical area, a nursing area, a rehabilitation area and a hemodialysis center to provide life-cycle medical treatment, health and care services for the elderly.  With painting and calligraphy room, audio-visual room, feature greenhouse, activity room, training room, dining room, bathroom and other places to meet the needs of the elderly entertainment, sports, rehabilitation. It let the elderly feel the hospital with dignity, has quality life and fun.